Monday, January 4, 2016

Monday Motivation Week One January 4 2016 - Write It Down

Well hello January 2016 goodbye 2015! 

It's already been a busy 1st of the year, winding down after the holidays are stressful and can take alot out of you!

Despite how stressful the last of the year can be, we online sellers eat, sleep and breathe our small businesses!

We have a lot to do to keep hold up in our daily lives, some of us are stay at home mom's, laid off workers trying something new, college grads doing something to make a little money until a job of a life time lands on their lap, or someone like myself who consign's no longer needed items for my community.

We all have the following after the New Year's to deal with.

You have the cleaning up after the company,
cleaning up those Christmas decorations,
cleaning out the fridge of those yucky holiday leftovers from Christmas and New Years.
Oh wait there is the dishes, laundry and bathrooms that need attention too!

But where is the time to do our daily jobs for our online business!

You know the photoing, listing, writing content, twitter, pinterst, and don't forget the packing and cleaning up after that mess.

Write it down! 

Take 10 mins, perhaps 15 if needed to write down your goals,
Take it day by day, week by week and month by month!

This will help you stay focused! Put this somewhere that you pass by daily! Perhaps in your office, photo space,

This is on my office door so I can pass at least 10 times a day, every day I add more to it.
By the end of the month you flow nicely into Febuary, and will feel so accomplished in your daily duties, your weekly and soon to be monthly small business daily duties.

It takes time to work! 

You know that saying, the Saying it takes time to make it habbit, this will become one of those if you stick to something that works for you, perhaps a little daily planner why not both! The more organized you start to become, the easier it makes for spear time to where you can spend with your loved ones or perhaps do something for yourself.

Stay tuned for next weeks Monday Motivational blog! I will be going over small organizing tips for men's neck ties, make-up, books and a few other 10-15 min jobs. Using items you already have around you!

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