Monday, January 11, 2016

Motivation Monday Week Two 1-11-2016 Organizing Smaller Items

 You can find my items by pushing this photo

We all have them those small items that we misplace and take hours to look for once they have sold.

It is a great time investment to look around to see what you have to store items in, bins, baskets, zipper make up bags, zip lock bags etc.

Once you have gathered those up, gather your small items and start organizing to brand, color, size, what ever you prefer!

What I have here is a few baskets I already had that were being used but not to their full potential, I also subscribe to Ipsy so I get a make up bag every month. Who needs a bunch of bags so I have used them for storing my makeup and beauty products and store these in a heated control space, my office closet.

They simple slide onto the top shelf and now I know exactly where these small items are located.

Just take a look around you will be surprised on what you can use that isn't being used to maximize space and save time.

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